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Tokusetsu 4The fastest way to make doujin music landing page

Tokusetsu 4 is the fastest template to create a doujin (Japanese: fandom, self-published) music announcement site. You can create announcement sites instantly without writing a single line of code. Free forever.

Make something special (without special skills)

Tokusetsu 4 is the fastest way to create a doujin music announcement site. All you need to prepare is a few images. You can easily create a full-fledged website. No coding is required.

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Better, faster, stronger

Anyone can create a website in no time. The reason is that Tokusetsu 4 uses the familiar Google Spreadsheet. Just follow the instructions on the sheet, fill in the content, and Tokusetsu 4 will convert it into a website in one shot.

For doujin lovers, by doujin lover

Tokusetsu 4 is the result of nine years of research and improvement. The driving force behind this, of course, is my passion for doujin music, just like you.

Trusted by creators

Since its birth in 2013, Tokusetsu series has been used by various doujin circles, online labels, exhibitions, and club events as "the fastest way to create a doujin music announcement website.

A simple solution for doujin artists from @sanographix, who has been creating templates for Tokusetsu and Illustfolio series for 10 years.


Why Choose Tokusetsu 4?

Tokusetsu 4 was developed for this only purpose: to enable you to confidently present your doujin music to your community.


Various doujin circles are already using Tokusetsu 4 for their announcements. Now it's your turn!

What is Tokusetsu 4?

Tokusetsu 4 is a template for creating doujin music announcement websites easily, and anyone can complete it quickly by filling out a Google Spreadsheet.

What makes Tokusetsu 4 different from other website builders?

Tokusetsu 4 is designed to efficiently build a site optimized from the start for doujin music announcements.

What kind of websites can I build?

See the demo site.

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Do I need to know anything about web design?

No, you don't need to, because all you need to do is enter your announcement into a Google spreadsheet and you're done.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is free. In addition, free hosting services allow you to publish your site for free.

Why is it free?

Because it is a product that I'm developing as a hobby.

Why does it use Google Spreadsheets?

This is because Google Spreadsheets is superior in three ways: easy to use, easy to develop, and it is free.

Until Tokusetsu 3, I used Tumblr, but due to limitations such as not working in some mobile environments, I decided to use Google Spreadsheets from this version.

Can I get technical support?

Please use the software in accordance with the license, without warranty and at your own risk.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ below.

Why did you create a template for doujin music?

This is my motivation to support doujin music. I wrote about the details in my blog.

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What is the license?

MIT License.

Can I use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, it is possible in accordance with the MIT license.

Can it be used for announcements other than doujin music?

It can also be used for doujin anthologies. I do not actively support anything other than these, but if it fits your needs, I'm glad if you use it.

Who is the developer?

Hi, my name is Showkaku Sano (@sanographix). I make some products like Tokusetsu as a hobby. Please see below for my profile.

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This site is an introduction to Tokusetsu 4, the fastest way to make doujin music landing page.
The content on the demo page is fictional.
Code licensed under MIT License. GitHub Project

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